Gas Midstream Services

About MichCon Pipeline

We provide…

  • Transportation
  • Quick, cost-efficient lateral construction
  • Calibration and measurement services for producer-operated meters located behind custody transfer meters
  • Receipt point meter construction

Our assets include…

  • MichCon Gathering Co.
    Antrim Expansion Project provides approximately 300 MMcf/d of capacity for Antrim producers from the Chester CO2 treating facility to Michigan and interstate markets. Features major downstream interconnections with MichCon and ANR at Kalkaska and with Consumers and Great Lakes at Goose Creek. The Vienna Pipeline transports Antrim gas to the AEP as well as an interconnection to ANR.
  • MichCon Lateral Co.
    Transports Niagaran gas to separation and hydrocarbon processing facilities in Kalkaska, Michigan. Antrim and Niagaran Laterals gather production into other MichCon Pipeline facilities and Sour laterals gather sour production.
  • Saginaw Bay Pipeline Co.
    Provides 68 miles of 16-inch pipe, transporting gas from West Branch to Kalkaska.

Gathering System Delivery Points

Location nameMap. No.
Kalkaska - Saginaw Bay9341
Merit Plant9348
Goose Creek Consumers Energy9081
Kalkaska - ANR9080
East Caledonia9332
Goose Creek Great Lakes9082


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MichCon Pipeline Co.

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